About the Author

Terence Young is the founder and Chair of Drug Safety Canada, a research and public advocacy organization based in Oakville. He has been active in issues related to prescription drug safety since 2000, after losing his fifteen year old daughter Vanessa to the Johnson & Johnson prescription drug Prepulsid.

Terence’s presentations make an impact wherever he appears, including University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, The Rotman School of Business and various community groups. He has been quoted in media interviews and has appeared on TVO, CBC and CBC radio.

Terence and his wife Gloria honour Vanessa’s life through the Vanessa Young Award for Public Guardians, presented under the auspices of Drug Safety Canada. The recipients are individuals who have demonstrated integrity and courage in the public interest. By taking action at high personal cost, they showed loyalty to truth and public safety.

Terence Young holds a B.A. in political and social science from York University. He was the Member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament from 1995 to 1999, and currently serves as the Member of the Parliament of Canada. This is his first book.